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The Hope Meadows team are happy to share their thoughts and experiences with other professionals who may be looking for assistance with setting up social enterprises, winning funding, navigating the challenges of equine businesses, or therapy-specific queries. We welcome visits to our yard, and can offer supportive phone calls.

Emily, Founder and CEO of Hope Meadows, is always delighted to be asked to present at conferences. Her recent talks have included:

  • "Supporting Mental Health through Equine Assisted Therapy" (2023 ABRS+ conference)

  • "Student Mental Health: Challenge vs Support" (2023 Landex CPD Event)

  • "Supporting Young People in Times of Stress" (2024 Area 8 Pony Club conference)

Emily is a keen advocate of social enterprise and is currently completing a School for Social Entrepreneurs Leadership Programme to offer more support for those working in this field. Emily is also involved with the ABRS+'s initiative to support their riding school members who are looking to set up Community Interest Companies. Emily can offer advice and guidance via phone or email, or visit the site for a more in depth piece of work.

We do not charge for the majority of our consultancy work. However fees may apply for travel or more significant time investments.

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