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Horses offer many benefits to our mental wellbeing simply through their natural behaviours. As animals that tend to offer feedback based on our own inner state, they can help us become aware of our emotions, build trust, and develop deep relationships. Horses are our partners in therapy, and are treated with respect and compassion. 

​Our sessions are focused on providing a safe, non-judgemental space where clients can talk about difficult thoughts and feelings, learn new coping strategies and experience meaningful relationships with these special animals. Our lovely setting naturally encourages connection with the outdoors and a calm, mindful approach.


A typical session involves time to bond with your chosen horse as well as therapeutic activities, guided by the practitioner. Each session is tailored according to the your own difficulties, giving you plenty of time and space to explore any feelings that arise. No prior experience is required for any sessions.


Prices 2024

We are passionate about making equine assisted therapies, and therapy in general, more affordable.

Where funding is available this is outlined.

Currently, the most you will pay for a session on the equine assisted counselling/psychotherapy pathway is £25

Please talk to us if you are concerned about affordability, we're here to help.


Taking place on a individual basis, with each session lasting 50 mins. The Equine Assisted Therapy pathway is focused on the challenges you face and how this impacts your mental health. Practitioners have a variety of backgrounds, including counselling, CBT, and psychology, meaning we can find an approach that is right for you.

Priced at £25/session

Funded project for adults: 5 free sessions, then £20/session

Equine Assisted Counselling/Psychotherapy


Therapeutic Riding

Our Therapeutic Riding Programme is designed to help adults and children engage in physical activity, connect deeply with the horses, learn new skills and boost their self-esteem, confidence and focus.

We have experienced instructors, skilled in using ridden activities to develop the client's ability whilst keeping sessions positive, mindful and calm.

Priced at £25 (30mins) / £45 (1hr).

Funded project for adults: £10/session for first 5, then £25/session.


The Equine Assisted Activities pathway is ideal if you would benefit from 1:1 time around horses, and enjoy the educational element of learning to care for them whilst achieving awards and qualifications.

This pathway includes our Horse Skills groups, currently covering:

  • Wednesdays at 3.30pm - teenagers with social difficulties

  • Thursdays at 12pm - all adults

  • Fridays 1.30pm - home educated children

  • Saturdays 9am & 2.30pm - all children

Priced at £13/session.

Equine Assisted Activities & Groups


Support Groups for Adults

We currently run two free support groups for adults:

  • Tuesdays 10.30am - parent carer support

  • Tuesdays 2.30pm - young adults with additional needs

Emily has been amazing throughout my sessions. She is very easy to talk to and never comes across as though she is judging me. I really appreciate the time, effort and compassion I've been given. I've also loved being able to learn about looking after horses whilst being able to discuss my issues, it is something I've always been interested in but never had the courage to do

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