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What I do...

I work with both young people and adults to promote wellbeing and find new ways to improve their lives in meaningful ways. The horses can help us to explore and challenge difficult thoughts, feelings and behaviours and generate new ways to approach challenges in life. I use Peer Support practice to help people feel heard and understood and to create a unique bond of understanding and trust, which creates hope

and a safe space to explore feelings. I use mindfulness in all my practice, which when

surrounded by the horses, can create calm and tranquility whilst exploring difficult

feelings. I generally take a hands off approach from the horses, and utilise the natural environment, with horses present, to complete the support.

Oh, and I can generally be found with my dog at Hope Meadows. He's super friendly and helps support the work we can do together (think of it as a little therapy dog)!

My qualification and CPD training repertoire includes:

  • BAHons in Education & Psychology

  • Peer Support Diploma

  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Level 1

  • Solution Focused Therapy Level 2

  • Counselling Skills Level 2

  • Suicide and Self-harm Training

  • Level 3 Safeguarding


Child & Adult Practitioner

I work at Hope Meadows, helping a variety of people who visit us to grow in confidence and improve their wellbeing in a way that meets their own goals. I grew up around horses, and now getting to use their behaviours and personalities to improve the lives of various individuals is fantastic.

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Get in Touch

If you want to have some sessions with me, please contact me at or use our online booking system.

I look forward to hearing from you to see what goals you have and how we can achieve them

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